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Worker Safety, Avoiding Dangers

A major element that defines whether a person is an employee is if their time and actions are under control of another party.  Since employers control where and when their employees work, they have a major obligation to make sure they are provided with a work environment that is safe.

Among common sources of worker injury are slips and falls. Information from the National Safety Council reveals that stakes are high since, on average, a slip or fall costs $16,000! Sadly, many businesses are ignorant of this costly danger.

In order to understand what it takes to minimize such accidents; it is critical to be aware of a given business's danger areas.

Danger Areas

With regard to typical workplaces, the areas of concern involve the following:

  • Exterior Walkways
  • Floors
  • Housekeeping
  • Miscellaneous
  • Stairs and Ramps
  • Weather

It is often smart to inspect a workplace, both interior and exterior spaces, in order to determine slip hazards. The next step is to correct any hazards that are found.  Keep in mind that the attitude of managers and employees must be part of any safety plans since safe environments are a direct product of safe procedures and worker behaviors.

There are other important benefits in creating and maintaining a safer workplace. Businesses that minimize harm to its employees usually experience fewer interruptions, lower insurance costs and higher levels of productivity.

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