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14 Jun, 2022

Which Are The Best Places For Crypto Miners In the USA?

A list of 8 of the best states for mining in the USA.
10 Jun, 2022

Best Coins For Mining in 2022

If you are someone who has gained recent interest in getting into cryptocurrency, this article is meant for you. Most cryptocurrency experts unanimously agree that one should try to know the ins and outs of the mining apparatus before deciding to mine any coin.
01 Jun, 2022

07 Countries That Are Crypto Friendly

It has been quite some time since the inception of cryptocurrency. People are seeing its potential and have started to invest in it in the hope of making a fortune out of it. While there has been no shortage of successful venturers, many could not go far due to legal hindrances imposed by government entities.
13 May, 2022

How to Create Your Own Crypto Mining System?

Cryptocurrency has been taking the world by storm in recent times. As a result, many people want to try and dip their feet into cryptocurrency. And one of the best ways to do that is crypto mining. However, many people interested in getting into the crypto business themselves wonder, "How do you create your own crypto mining system?”
06 May, 2022

7 Types Of NFTs Explained

With the introduction of NFTs, the world of cryptocurrency has gained much more value now than ever. NFTS are non-fungible tokens. They have unique properties that hold great value and cannot be replicated. With the exposure NFTs are giving to their content creators, let us see the different types of NFTs explained.
11 Apr, 2022

Uniswap v3. Concentrated Liquidity And New Approaches For AMM

Cross-chain market-making has entered the scene and that is ushering in a new age for the Crypto Token Holders.
05 Apr, 2022

How Token Holders' Structure Could Impact Trading?

Currently, Cross-Chain marketing is making it possible to trade an Ethereum based asset on a foreign blockchain
03 Apr, 2022

Bid for New York task force on cryptocurrency and blockchain moves forward

Bid for New York task force on cryptocurrency and blockchain moves forward
22 Mar, 2022

Liquor Liability Coverage

Many businesses have the majority of their exposures against lawsuits covered by a general liability policy. However, business owners and managers often overlook their responsibility for losses related to alcoholic beverages. A typical liability policy for a business excludes losses that involve:
22 Mar, 2022

How To Successfully Navigate The Waters Of Cryptocurrency As A Traitor and/or Investor

Cryptocurrency has been here for quite a few years, and there's no sign of it slowing down. Many believe that cryptocurrency is the future and that it will replace traditional currency. Whether that's true or not remains to be seen. But as of now, all we know is that it's profitable. A little heads-up can bring you success as a trader or investor in the crypto industry.
16 Mar, 2022

Perks of Private Banking

How To Utilize Private Banks To Gain Wealth Bank Like the Rich and Reap the Rewards
15 Mar, 2022

Professional Liability

Increasingly, professionals and certain occupations need special insurance protection as they are targeted by lawsuits. This is due to the high standard of accountability under which they operate.
11 Mar, 2022

HIA-LI Reporter CEO Profile Interview

TELL US ABOUT HOW YOU/YOUR COMPANY STARTED. The Corporate Source was founded in 1996 as a way to help people with disabilities lead lives with independence and fulfillment that’s derived through the world of work. In the past, people...
09 Mar, 2022

Crypto Market Making- Legal Framework

The liquidity of CryptoCurrency and assets of Crypto token holders are provided by crypto market makers; much like traditional finance.
04 Mar, 2022

How Long Does It Take to Mine 1 Bitcoin - Cryptocurrency Seminar New York

If you’re also curious about Bitcoin & want to mine some yourself, you need to learn about the mining process and mining limit. To know about it, read this article now!
15 Feb, 2022

What are NFTs & How to Make Money with NFTs - Cryptocurrency Seminar New York

If you are someone who wants to know what NFTs are and if they are worth investing in, then this article is definitely for you. Visit us & read the following article now!
10 Feb, 2022

Worker Safety, Avoiding Dangers

A major element that defines whether a person is an employee is if their time and actions are under control of another party. Since employers control where and when their employees work, they have a major obligation to make sure they are provided with a work environment that is safe.
08 Feb, 2022

Handling a Cellular Distraction

A business that deals with over-the-road transportation is highly concerned with substantially minimizing accidents. Vehicle accidents, besides interrupting work and creating loss of business property, have much wider consequences. Accidents also cause serious damage to public and private property and, more significantly, create injuries and even fatalities.
03 Feb, 2022

Coverage For Business Autos

Many businesses are exposed to the financial consequences of their ownership, use or maintenance of vehicles used in their operations. Most coverage needs can be handled by a Business Auto Policy (BAP) or similar form which cover operations such as:
01 Feb, 2022

Commercial Auto Symbols

Have you ever, during a particularly wild moment, closely examined the insurance policy that covers your business vehicles? If so, you may have noticed the little numbers that appear next to each listed coverage. Hopefully you're familiar with these numbers and their meaning. If not, please see below.
01 Feb, 2022

What Is Blockchain and How to Use It - Cryptocurrency Seminar New York

Catching up on blockchain, NFT, & cryptocurrency is imp to keep your business on track with the current trends. The following discussion will help you in this regard. 

27 Jan, 2022

Umbrella Vs. Excess Coverage

A business usually will buy liability coverage for two chief areas. One is to handle its routine, premises liability. The second is to handle liability that is related to the actions a business performs away from its premises or that may address its professional-level obligation it owes to others while providing products, goods and services to others. A business that uses vehicles, mobile equipment, watercraft and/or aircraft must consider liability protection for those exposures too.
25 Jan, 2022

Policy Insurance Limits

If you examine the insurance policy covering your business, you'll see an insurance limit. For instance:
20 Jan, 2022

Contractual Liability

A business that harms another party or damages/destroys property that belongs to another party may be sued or prosecuted. Larger businesses protect against their liability to third parties with a Commercial General Liability (CGL) policy. An insurance company provides a CGL under some assumptions about the type of losses it is willing to cover.
18 Jan, 2022

Employee or Independent Contractor?

Business owners have a lot at stake when determining whether persons connected with their ventures are employees or independent contractors. The largest issue with making this determination involves taxes and insurance.
12 Jan, 2022

Employee or Independent Contractor?

Business owners have a lot at stake when determining whether persons connected with their ventures are employees or independent contractors. The largest issue with making this determination involves taxes and insurance.
21 Dec, 2021

How to Add New Account for Companies in Account Management

How to Add New Account for Companies in Account Management
09 Dec, 2021

Be A Common-Sense Host

Holidays and special events often include celebrations that bring together families and friends in homes across the country. Food, fun, conversations and spirits flow generously. Unfortunately, such celebrations may be accompanied by injuries and accidents, especially when alcoholic drinks are involved. Increased drinking leads to an increased chance for a personal tragedy and the consequences can be substantial.
07 Dec, 2021

Certificates Of Insurance

Business transactions frequently require the valuable protection provided by insurance. A Certificate of Insurance is a document that is often requested as proof that adequate insurance exists. A certificate is not the same as a policy and certificates do not affect the coverage provided by a particular insurance policy. Therefore, requests to "endorse the certificate of insurance" are inappropriate and misleading. A certificate is a separate document that is used to comply with a common contract requirement to verify certain types and amounts of insurance.
03 Dec, 2021

Electric Scooters

Some cities have fought against the disruption caused by E-scooters. E-Scooter Rental companies have usually taken a strategy used by more mature, sharing and gig economy players such as Airbnb. Rather than adhere to traditional business entry practices, such as undergoing licensing or permit protocols, E-Scooter companies often show up in an area overnight, without advance notice.
16 Nov, 2021

Cyber Crime and Your Business

Cyber attacks are a significant issue for every risk manager and business with any type of computer device and electronic data. If you have not suffered a cyber incident such as a system hack, data stolen or held hostage for ransom, or a phishing email scam, sit tight because the possibility is more significant than you might think.
08 Nov, 2021

Genius Hour and the Science of Our Brains

Many people are time poor. They feel there isn’t enough time to pursue their interests alongside fulfilling their responsibilities. This spills over to our kids, too, who have much less free time than children in the past, who weren’t as heavily scheduled with extracurricular activities. Too little free time can have the unfortunate side-effect of stifling creativity. Scientific studies have shown that being given the freedom to be self-directed generates better results. This has famously been proven out in the business world by Google; the company gives its employees 20% of their time to work on passion projects. In fact, some of the company’s most well-known products, including Gmail, were born out of employees’ 20% free time. This trend made its way into education as the idea of Genius Hour, which gives students time for self-directed learning. Some teachers mimic Google’s successful formula and give their students 20% of self-directed learning time, and 80% of directed learning. However, this might make it difficult to fully meet curriculum requirements. Read on for some practical tips for implementing Genius Hour, and reasons you should consider it. Tips for Implementing Genius Hour in your Classroom Many teachers make Genius Hour an actual hour during the school week. This is achievable for most classrooms, and gives students enough time to engage with the project. First, it’s important to note Genius Hour isn’t a free-for-all. Students must stick within some parameters: 1) Start with a question that can’t be answered by an easy Internet search 2) Do research through reputable resources 3) At the end of a set time frame, create an end result (physical, digital, or service oriented) An end-result could be required after every Genius Hour, every other week, or every month, and this can vary through the year as students progress. To kick-start Genius hour in your classroom, simply ask your students what they love. You might also ask them what they wonder about, what they would like to learn more about, or what bothers them. These kinds of prompts help students come up with questions they might want to research for Genius Hour. What are the advantages? Genius Hour can help kids make connections between what they’re learning in the classroom and the outside world. This can give students time to think about future career plans. For example, a student’s question might be, “What jobs would allow me to spend time outside?” Their end product could be a short video about outdoor-related jobs they learned about. For their next Genius Hour end-product, they could dive deeper into one of the career paths or try to start acquiring a skill related to it. Genius Hour also gives kids opportunities to make mistakes. When the pressure of grading is taken away, students feel free to experiment without having to come up with a “right” answer. Science tells us mistakes actually make our brains grow. This doesn’t mean that our brains actually increase in volume. Rather, new neural pathways and connections are formed. Telling kids this can help them develop a growth mindset, which will serve them well throughout their lives. Scientific research has revealed that people who have a growth mindset tend to achieve more than those who don’t. What does a growth mindset mean, exactly? It boils down to having the mindset that you can develop your skills and abilities through effort and persistence. Kids who are encouraged to have a growth mindset through being in a “mistake positive” environment such as Genius Hour are less likely to give up when they encounter something they struggle to understand or be able to do at first. Finally, we learn from things even when they don’t pay off in a major way. For example, the student who researched outdoor jobs may not find their dream career, but they will learn something from the process of searching. Perhaps they’ll acquire new internet research skills. Or, perhaps they will learn about a wildlife refuge they wish they could visit, which might lead them to learning about endangered species, which might lead them to learning about climate change, which might ignite a passion for the environment. If you’re not yet convinced about Genius Hour in your classroom, consider the social sciences research utilized by business author Dan Pink in his TED Talk, The Puzzle of Motivation. Studies show humans are much more motivated by intrinsic motivation factors (i.e. passion, desire to make the world a better place) than by extrinsic motivators (i.e. grades or points). In other words, self-directed learning can increase student engagement and motivate them towards success. Success in one area can boost student confidence, meaning Genius Hour can spill over and affect students in other discipline areas. By changing the mindsets of your students, you might just find your classroom also changes for the better.
08 Nov, 2021

Restaurants and Viruses

A restaurant may have greater exposure to a virus or infectious disease simply because patrons remain on the premises longer than most businesses. Plus, food is typically handled by cooking assistants, cooks, and servers before making it to the customer's table. Restaurant employees' touch many surfaces, creating many opportunities for viral infection.
02 Jun, 2021

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08 May, 2021

Uncomfortable Truths: Things That No One Really Explains About Your First Year Of Teaching

We are at that time of year where many college students will be graduating with their degrees and applying for those first teaching jobs. Equipped with all the skills they’ve learned and a cautiously optimistic outlook, these budding professionals will go into the education workforce ready to make a difference in their students’ lives. You who are reading this may be one of those bright new faces. I am not going to frighten anyone into thinking that what they learned at their respective university or certification process is useless but the way all of that information is applied and what it actually means in a practical sense casts everything learned from new teacher training in a different light. So, here is a list of a few things to consider that might be helpful for anyone who plans to enter the teaching workforce this year. What the job description SAYS and what the job description IS are probably a little different. When looking at openings and even through the interview process you will get an idea of what you think the job will be like. There is nothing wrong with that but you are going to want to go into that job ready for curveballs and changes to what you expected. Most contracts have something similar to the phrase “other duties as assigned” so you want to be ready for hallway duty, lunch duty, suddenly being in charge of an afterschool program, organizing an event or anything else that may disrupt the day to day business of teaching students. Your students will get under your skin and that's ok. In our teacher education programs we often come out assuming that our students will always try their best or be generally good-natured even when they misbehave. For the most part this is true - most of your students will give their best and be good-natured - but thats not always the case. Sometimes your students will not prioritize your class, openly defy you on things that don’t seem to really matter, or even deliberately try to hurt your feelings. It can be easy to take this personally or to assume that those kinds of interactions are a failure on your part somehow. It is important to remember that it is not necessarily your fault. Reflection is good and it is valuable to consider how you as a teacher might have been better in those situations but even on the days where we are being outstanding teachers we will fail at things and our students will push our buttons. You are a person with feelings, not an information machine. It does get easier but It may not feel like it. Many first year teachers feel like they are drowning at their new job. They often look to their more experienced peers and wonder how they can manage so effortlessly. The answer is relatively simple: the job does get easier as we go and you won’t always feel like you are drowning even if that seems impossible. You’ll get to year five and think “well, that wasn’t really as bad as I thought it was.” Additionally, you are probably doing a better job than you think you are doing. All shortcomings in those first few years feel like major failures when, in the grand scheme of things, they are probably not as bad as you may think. Not every administration will be supportive of your goals as some. Being an administrator is a hard job and they have the tough responsibility of figuring out where to put their time, energy, and school resources. Sometimes this means you won’t have the material support for the things you would like to do as a teacher. Even if an administrator likes your idea they may not be able to help you with it very much. You may end up needing to table your grand plans for another year. Teaching is your job, not your life. Most of us that enter the education field are idealists in one way or another and it is very easy to feel a pressure to devote a lot of outside time and energy to your teaching well beyond the school day. Most of us will always take some work home but you run the risk of burning yourself out if you can’t find ways to separate yourself from your workday. Sometimes, you have to stop doing work even if the work isn’t done and that’s ok. Sometimes you have to say “no” to a coworker who is asking you to take on an extra responsibility. At the end of the day, you are a person and your mental health matters. Getting that first teaching job is exciting and will prove to be rewarding but it will also challenge you in ways you could have never anticipated. Doing your best to “expect the unexpected” can help mitigate those challenges and make surviving that first year a little easier.
17 Mar, 2021

Secrets To Building Killer Website Content

Your website can do a lot of work for you without you even lifting a finger. It works for you 24/7 without any rest while you get busy with other things. Its job is to attract people, captivate and find you new customers. On many websites we see daily, businesses tend to focus on bringing many people to view their website rather than focusing on how the website will attract and bring new customers.
15 Mar, 2021

What is Project-Based Learning and How Can Teachers Incorporate It into the Classroom?

Many schools that value student-centered approaches to teaching and learning have embraced project-based learning (PBL). However, it’s not always clear what PBL is and how it differs from, say, just assigning a project. Likewise, it’s not always clear how to integrate PBL into the classroom in a way that feels purposeful, meaningful, and effective. This article will tackle the two most pressing questions related to PBL: what is it, and how can we do it? Project-based learning is a student-centered pedagogy that uses real-world problems and extended assignments as the method through which students learn content and habits of mind. PBL differs from a typical school project because with PBL, the project is the vehicle through which students learn the content and eventually build on it themselves. A typical school project, by contrast, tends to be assigned as a tack-on after the teacher has covered the main content. PBL is very process-oriented: through the act of trying to answer a complex question or remedy a multifaceted problem, students learn content as well as transferable skills such as research, collaboration, creative and critical thinking, and effective communication. Now that we know what PBL is, we can explore several different techniques for incorporating PBL into the classroom. This is in no way an exhaustive list; it’s just a sampling of interesting iterations of PBL that can hopefully inspire teachers to customize their own PBL curriculum. Teachers should use their discretion when choosing an extended project, keeping in mind the age, prior knowledge, and needs of their individual learners. Project-Based Learning - Sample Projects: Devise a new form of government Everyone has critiques of our current form of government, or of governments around the world. This project gives students the agency to envision and map out a new form of government, one that addresses the shortcomings of existing government(s). Devising a new form of government will challenge students to think about philosophical questions about human nature and humans’ relationship to society and power, and to explore history, technology, social trends, economics, international relations, and more. Take action against cyberbullying One of the key tenets of PBL is that learning should be real-world oriented and relevant to students. Cyberbullying (and bullying of any kind) is unfortunately a rampant issue among younger generations. In this project, teachers put the ball in students’ court and challenge them to devise innovative ways to deal with - and hopefully eradicate - this issue. To do so, students will need to explore history, technology, psychology, sociology, and other fields. Deliver a TED Talk TED Talks are relatively short, jam-packed-with-interesting-info prepared speeches that require great research and preparation on the part of the speaker. In the process of preparing for a TED Talk on a topic of their (or the teacher’s) choice, students must not only research their topic, select the most important concepts, and develop effectives ways of presenting that material to the audience, but also study successful TED Talks to learn about this particular speech format and strategies speakers use to engage, entertain, and wow their audience. Plan for the future Some day students will be responsible for their own finances. How should they go about making a budget? Saving and investing? Deciding how much debt they are comfortable taking on? This project draws on math, economics, and other social sciences to get students to understand what goes into decisions around how much money to make, spend, save, and invest. Design an app Designing an app requires substantial interdisciplinary work, as an app is about much more than computer code. It is first and foremost a means of solving a problem or addressing an unmet need. Students must therefore start by locating an issue they want to address--the more specific, the better. They can then conduct research on the topic, explore what other interventions have been attempted, make a budget for their app, think about user experience and app design, and if appropriate actually move forward with coding the app and making it functional. Start a business Similarly to creating an app, starting a business requires students to grapple with all manner of questions and considerations from different fields. In addition to drawing on skills of creativity, follow-through, careful planning, and entrepreneurship, students engage with history, economics, mathematics, art, communications, social sciences, and a host of other fields depending on the particular business. Design a city What would it look like to build a city on water? Under water? Underground? In the sky? In place of Manhattan? In the course of designing a city, students engage with history, architecture and design, natural resources, social sciences, mathematics, engineering, and physics, to name but a few domains! Recap PBL is a powerful student-centered teaching tool that uses projects not as accessories to learning, but as the main vehicle through which students learn course content and habits of mind. Possible PBL projects are nearly infinite, but the common thread among them is that they are connected to the real world, pertinent to students’ lives, and require deep, authentic, often interdisciplinary inquiry.
11 Mar, 2021

Newsday article on TCS IT Program

LI nonprofit helps train disabled jobseekers for IT careers Corporate Source graduate Geoffrey Johnson at his computer that he built at his home in Shinnecock Hills on Friday, March 4, 2022. Credit: Morgan Campbell By Victor Ocasio victor.ocasio@newsday.com Updated...
09 Mar, 2021

What Is SEO Management?

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Management?
02 Mar, 2021

The Potential Impact of Gen Z on SEO

Gen Z (or Zoomers, if you prefer) already makes up the largest generational cohort of America's population. How do they interact with search, and what does that mean for the future of SEO?
01 Mar, 2021

The State of Local SEO: Experts Weigh in on Industry-Specific Tactics

We asked five local SEO experts to zero in on the trends and tactics businesses across five industries should focus on to get ahead — and stay ahead — during this time.
26 Feb, 2021

What To Expect In SEO Packages?

SEO Companies provide search engine optimization (SEO) services to rank your website higher in search results. These companies thoroughly audit your site and rework content to make it more pleasant to search engines. These SEO Companies help online businesses to grow using up-to-date techniques.
25 Feb, 2021

Social Media Liability

Your chances of suffering a loss is increasingly affected by your use of the Internet and, particularly, social media. Increasing your awareness of social media liability loss exposures may help you to minimize or avoid them.
13 Feb, 2021


12 Feb, 2021

What Is An SEO Company?

It is easy to start a website or blog, but it is not easy to get traffic. Hiring a reputable SEO Company helps.
12 Feb, 2021

5 Key Factors On Choosing a Payment Gateway for Your Ecommerce Business

Considering re-platforming your eCommerce payment gateway? Choosing the right payment gateway for your eCommerce business to migrate is a huge decision and one that will have profound and long-lasting impacts on your business. A payment gateway is an eCommerce service that processes payment, such as credit card, debit card, or e-check, by transferring key information between payment portals (e.g., a website) and the front-end processor (e.g., a bank.) Every business owner who wants to establish and manage their online store needs to select an appropriate payment gateway for their store. Finding the right one that accurately fits your business will be a time-consuming process with a huge list.
11 Feb, 2021

The Ultimate Guide to eCommerce Content Marketing Strategy That Drive ROI (2021)

Content Marketing may sound simple but it’s not, especially in 2021 you can’t afford to be getting content marketing wrong. It’s more challenging than ever to stand out from the crowd with your content marketing efforts, though.

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