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Employee Benefits

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If your employees did not show up tomorrow to your place of business how would your business operate?

What is the level of satisfaction of your employees with your work environment and how does it impact their performance and your company's profitability? At INSURENEX we believe that employee benefits and pro-active wellness programs can increase employee satisfaction and overall productivity.

What You Need to Know
  • Health Benefits are key to adding value to an employer employee relationship.
  • The wrong health plan that employees do see value in and use is like having no health plan at all.
Experience the INSURENEX Advantage
  • Get one-on-one guidance to make smart choices about your coverage, which insurance company to choose, combining different plans and more.
  • We do the "shopping" for you by accessing plan options from all the major providers including BlueShield, Anthem Blue Cross, Aetna, Health Net, Kaiser Permanente, and United Health Care.
  • In person enrollment support to ensure your team understands the value and how to make the best use of their plan.
  • Ongoing plan support to accommodate new hires or employees no longer employed in your business.
  • Integrated Payroll, Human Resources and Safety and Loss Control services available to support your vision and growth plans.
Auto Home Umbrella?
Auto Home Umbrella?

Build your insurance portfolio and get one-point-of contact.

Small Business
Small Business

Supporting entrepreneurs protect their vision and dreams.

Health Insurance
Health Insurance

Our health is everything. Is your health plan working for you?

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