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Non-Profit Organization

Running a Non Profit is challenging, you are constantly fundraising and managing your stakeholder relationships,

Board of Directors expectations and direction while fulfilling your mission to the communities you serve. There are strict regulations to follow both from a financial compliance to human resources and employee performance. It's no easy task and your margin for error is minimum-to-none. At INSURENEX we believe that Non Profits bring valuable resources and services to our communities and that steps to manage insurance costs and claims are a critical to the organizations continuity.

What You Need to Know
  • No all insurance policies are the same; there are carriers with a specific focus and emphasis on nonprofit coverage.
  • Claims and Losses can impact employee morale, the organization's reputation, stakeholders and community trust.
Experience the INSURENEX Advantage
  • Get one-on-one guidance to make smart choices about your coverage, which insurance company to choose, selecting limits and deductibles.
  • We do the "shopping" for you by accessing policy options from over 15 nationally trusted brand name insurance companies. Our experienced licensed associates review your insurance needs and guide you through policy coverage features best suited for your business operation.
  • Our support team will assist you in getting the most value for your dollar by maximizing the resources available from your carrier, both from a claims administration and safety and loss control stand point.
  • Ongoing claims support, monitoring of loss ratios and experience modification rates.
  • Integrated Payroll, Human Resources and Safety and loss control services available to support your vision and growth plans.
Auto Home Umbrella?
Auto Home Umbrella?

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Small Business
Small Business

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Health Insurance
Health Insurance

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