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07 Apr, 2022

CryptoCurrency Exchanges Overview

Cryptocurrency and bitcoin exchanges let the users on their platform change their digital currency into traditional money or other forms of cryptocurrency. Crypto token holders can also trade for other blockchain assets if the platform permits. However, the number of these platforms is increasing every day. But which one is trustworthy?
22 Mar, 2022

Liquor Liability Coverage

Many businesses have the majority of their exposures against lawsuits covered by a general liability policy. However, business owners and managers often overlook their responsibility for losses related to alcoholic beverages. A typical liability policy for a business excludes losses that involve:
17 Mar, 2022

Real Estate Agents And Brokers Professional Liability

Real Estate Agents and Brokers Professional Liability Policy protects against loss due to wrongful acts committed by a real estate agent in the course of providing realty services.
15 Mar, 2022

Professional Liability

Increasingly, professionals and certain occupations need special insurance protection as they are targeted by lawsuits. This is due to the high standard of accountability under which they operate.
10 Feb, 2022

Worker Safety, Avoiding Dangers

A major element that defines whether a person is an employee is if their time and actions are under control of another party. Since employers control where and when their employees work, they have a major obligation to make sure they are provided with a work environment that is safe.
03 Feb, 2022

Coverage For Business Autos

Many businesses are exposed to the financial consequences of their ownership, use or maintenance of vehicles used in their operations. Most coverage needs can be handled by a Business Auto Policy (BAP) or similar form which cover operations such as:
01 Feb, 2022

Commercial Auto Symbols

Have you ever, during a particularly wild moment, closely examined the insurance policy that covers your business vehicles? If so, you may have noticed the little numbers that appear next to each listed coverage. Hopefully you're familiar with these numbers and their meaning. If not, please see below.
27 Jan, 2022

Umbrella Vs. Excess Coverage

A business usually will buy liability coverage for two chief areas. One is to handle its routine, premises liability. The second is to handle liability that is related to the actions a business performs away from its premises or that may address its professional-level obligation it owes to others while providing products, goods and services to others. A business that uses vehicles, mobile equipment, watercraft and/or aircraft must consider liability protection for those exposures too.
25 Jan, 2022

Policy Insurance Limits

If you examine the insurance policy covering your business, you'll see an insurance limit. For instance:
20 Jan, 2022

Contractual Liability

A business that harms another party or damages/destroys property that belongs to another party may be sued or prosecuted. Larger businesses protect against their liability to third parties with a Commercial General Liability (CGL) policy. An insurance company provides a CGL under some assumptions about the type of losses it is willing to cover.
18 Jan, 2022

Employee or Independent Contractor?

Business owners have a lot at stake when determining whether persons connected with their ventures are employees or independent contractors. The largest issue with making this determination involves taxes and insurance.
12 Jan, 2022

Employee or Independent Contractor?

Business owners have a lot at stake when determining whether persons connected with their ventures are employees or independent contractors. The largest issue with making this determination involves taxes and insurance.
09 Dec, 2021

Be A Common-Sense Host

Holidays and special events often include celebrations that bring together families and friends in homes across the country. Food, fun, conversations and spirits flow generously. Unfortunately, such celebrations may be accompanied by injuries and accidents, especially when alcoholic drinks are involved. Increased drinking leads to an increased chance for a personal tragedy and the consequences can be substantial.
07 Dec, 2021

Certificates Of Insurance

Business transactions frequently require the valuable protection provided by insurance. A Certificate of Insurance is a document that is often requested as proof that adequate insurance exists. A certificate is not the same as a policy and certificates do not affect the coverage provided by a particular insurance policy. Therefore, requests to "endorse the certificate of insurance" are inappropriate and misleading. A certificate is a separate document that is used to comply with a common contract requirement to verify certain types and amounts of insurance.
03 Dec, 2021

Electric Scooters

Some cities have fought against the disruption caused by E-scooters. E-Scooter Rental companies have usually taken a strategy used by more mature, sharing and gig economy players such as Airbnb. Rather than adhere to traditional business entry practices, such as undergoing licensing or permit protocols, E-Scooter companies often show up in an area overnight, without advance notice.
16 Nov, 2021

Cyber Crime and Your Business

Cyber attacks are a significant issue for every risk manager and business with any type of computer device and electronic data. If you have not suffered a cyber incident such as a system hack, data stolen or held hostage for ransom, or a phishing email scam, sit tight because the possibility is more significant than you might think.
08 Nov, 2021

Restaurants and Viruses

A restaurant may have greater exposure to a virus or infectious disease simply because patrons remain on the premises longer than most businesses. Plus, food is typically handled by cooking assistants, cooks, and servers before making it to the customer's table. Restaurant employees' touch many surfaces, creating many opportunities for viral infection.
12 May, 2021

Camps, Cruises, and Travel Programs for the DIsabled

Parents of children with special needs often wish their child could enjoy a camping experience or a travel program to provide something new, exciting, and different in their life. Perhaps you are not aware there are programs available to serve many different travel needs of disabilities ranging from Asperger's, heart disease, social skills, and ADHD to physical disabilities, vision impairments, learning disabilities, and dozens of others. Where there is a need, there is often a program to fit those needs. You will be amazed at the number of camps available. For example, there are 314 camps dedicated to people with developmental disabilities. You can find an answer to most of your questions by visiting veryspecialcamps.com. Camping Can be a Wonderful Experience Most of these camps offer programs lasting for one or two weeks up to the entire summer. Some of these are day camps where the camper attends during day hours and then returns home. For example, the Summer Sensations Camp is a full-day licensed youth camp. They serve children with sensory processing differences and special needs. The camp offers occupational, speech, music therapy and art, bike riding instruction, social skills, and self-regulation programs. Camp Kodiak is another camp that offers integrated camping for children and teens with or without learning disabilities. They provide an academic and social skills program with more than 50 activities. They have a 2:1 camper-to-staff ratio. Located in the Adirondack Mountains, Camp Reece serves disabled campers ages 10-17. They empower campers with new skills, self-confidence, self-esteem, and social-emotional growth, with "fun" being their emphasis. Sending your child to appreciate a camping experience or arranging for them to enjoy a unique travel program can be overwhelming for some parents. It is a big step to take. It also brings with it a considerable amount of worry and stress. Every parent should determine why they want their child to participate, how they will prepare their child for a program, and then try to relax, which is easier said than done. To help you relax, try to understand that professional, trained staff will accept the child into the program -they are trained to help your child enjoy each day's experience. Before your child leaves home, you should understand what the program will do if there should be a medical emergency. You should provide a list of your child's medications from their doctor. Pack all of the medicines in clear plastic bags. You should also contact your insurance company to see if there is coverage when traveling out of the provider network area. You might also consider anything and everything else that might affect your child's camping or travel experience just like you would if your child was spending a week with a relative. Just remember that planning is critical. Travel programs are available for children and adults. (Please visit http://sath.org/disability-travel-websites for information.) One thing to know is that safety is the top priority with tour companies. Most tours visit fun places such as Disneyland, dude ranches, movie studios, baseball spring training camps, Hawaii, and many other sites. Cruises are also available. Some travel companies offer scholarships to apply toward the total cost of a trip. Travel for special needs can be quite costly as there is a need for specialized staff, and more chaperones are needed to make sure everything runs smoothly. Travel to Most Any Place in the World One company, known as New Directions Travel, offers a four-day Disneyland and California adventure for $1675. The cost covers all expenses, including staying in a luxury resort. The first day the travelers settle in. Then chaperones take them swimming, spend time in a hot tub, or enjoy some shopping. The second day is enjoyed at Disneyland where they can enjoy all of the rides as well as many other activities offered at the park. The next day is spent at the new California Adventure, where the group enjoys Cars Land, Golden State, Hollywood Pictures Backlot, and Paradise Pier. On the last day, the children pack their bags to return home after enjoying one last brunch with their new friends. The Frontier Travel Camp is a luxury special needs tour operator. They cater to people with autism, Asperger's, developmental disabilities, and other special needs. They offer the experience of independence to improve social skills and increase self-esteem in a secure environment. They believe that everyone needs the opportunity to see the world, make friends, and live life. They offer several tours. Their 15-day Northeast USA tour begins in New York and meanders throughout the northeast (with one of the adventures being spending time at the Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Factory). The cost of the tour is $9,950. Frontier also offers a 7-day cruise beginning in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, with visits to Mexico and Honduras at the cost of $3,100. Travel programs are ranging from snow to sand vacation resorts. There are year-round recreational programs available to everyone. There are some programs, such as cruises, that are designed for the entire family to enjoy. It is a big step for parents to allow their child to become completely independent from them for an entire week - that is understandable.
01 Mar, 2021

The State of Local SEO: Experts Weigh in on Industry-Specific Tactics

We asked five local SEO experts to zero in on the trends and tactics businesses across five industries should focus on to get ahead — and stay ahead — during this time.
25 Feb, 2021

Social Media Liability

Your chances of suffering a loss is increasingly affected by your use of the Internet and, particularly, social media. Increasing your awareness of social media liability loss exposures may help you to minimize or avoid them.
24 Dec, 2020

How To Find The Perfect That They Always Dreamed About

So, you've decided that you want to propose. You know that she's the one, and you want to make her happy by finding the perfect ring and planning the absolute perfect proposal. Before you step foot into any jeweler to look at rings, make sure to follow these essential steps so that you can find the ring of her dreams.
06 Apr, 2020

How to Save Money: 6 Step-by-Step Ways to Bank Cash Every Month

Are you ready to actually start saving? What you're reading is a step-by-step guide on how to do it - how to come up with savings strategies, choose a budgeting method, pick the right financial institution, automate your finances and live a budget-conscious lifestyle.

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