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Top Pet Insurance Facts to Consider


Posted by Jose Alfaro

One of the greatest joys in life is having a pet because they offer you unrequited love and offer you a new sense of purpose. Although they’re cute, cuddly, and naturally irresistible, pets can be quite the expensive friend! Whether you own cats and/or dogs already or are thinking of adopting a furry pal, here are some crucial facts to keep in mind as it pertains to pet insurance and costs:

• The average annual premium is $517 for a dog and $321 for a cat.

• The typical claim policy filed under a pet policy in 2017 is $263, according to the North American Pet Health Insurance Association.

• Vet treatments that are the most expensive include the following:
o Emergencies
o Diseases contracted quickly
o Chronic diseases

• These are the top medical claims for cats:
o Bladder inflections
o Dental diseases
o Thyroid conditions

• These are the top medical claims for dogs:
o Skin allergies
o Ear infections
o Upset stomachs

Although having pets is certainly a great investment in the sense that they provide unparalleled companionship and affection, they can certainly be a financial responsibility with lots of unforeseen costs! For more information, visit The National Underwriter

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