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Are you and your family prepared for the Big One?


Posted by Jose Alfaro

la-me-ln-chance-of-80-earthquake-in-californiaIt has been so long since Los Angeles suffered a major earthquake — the earthquakes in Northride was 20 years ago and the most recent one in March 2015 paled to the 6.7 magnitude that shook Los Angeles County from the San Fernando Valley to the beaches in Santa Monica. It’s been so easy to put disaster preparedness on a back burner. We must keep in mind that earthquakes are not an “if” but a “when” in California.

Below is a link to a recent LA Times article that points out statistics of earthquakes including the increasing probabilities of a magnitue 8.0 or greater hitting California.  For those of us who live in Southern California and have experienced first hand the rocking rolling of a high magnitude earthquake, it is a memory that sticks with you.

Are you and your family prepared for the Big One? It’s a question we all have to answer for ourselves. Here are some helpful tips and tools, download the Family Communication Plan for Parents and Kids-Ready Kids (English). Click on the link to download and print: (Source: FEMA)

In your emergency plan, include how to address care for your pets, here’s additional information via this link:

LATimes article:
Risk of 8.0 earthquake in California rises, USGS says

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