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INSURENEX: Heading South of the Border this Labor Day Weekend?


Posted by Jose Alfaro


Labor Day weekend is just around the corner and if you have plans to drive south of the border into Mexico, it is important to know that your California auto policy does not include coverage for Mexico territory.

If you are driving a US or Canadian registered vehicle into Mexico, you will need to purchase vehicle insurance for Mexico. Authorities in Mexico do not recognize US or Canadian auto policies. They will recognize auto insurance issued by an insurance company with operations in Mexico. If you do not carry adequate coverage, you may be prevented from leaving the country; it’s also highly probable you you may spend some time in jail until financial responsibility has been assigned and all parties are satisfied.

The liability coverage in your policy will demonstrate that you can financially respond to damages or injuries for which you may be responsible. Additionally you may have contractual obligations to your finance or leasing company for repairs to your vehicle or a payout if you’re vehicle is declared a total loss.

For this reason, it is strongly recommended that you purchase coverage prior to driving across the border into Mexico territory.┬áSome folks choose to purchase insurance at the border thinking it will cost less. You can get a policy before you get to the border with a brand name reputable insurer with operations in Mexico. We looked at the policy issued through MexiPass, the ‘Mas-Plus’ program underwritten by AIG Seguros Mexico. It’s considered one of the best policies in the market backed by a financially sound global insurer designed for people driving their vehicles into Mexico from the US and Canada.

The Mas-Plus insurance program gives their clients the following coverage:

  • Broad Liability Coverage
  • Medical Payments
  • Uninsured Motorists
  • True Comprehensive Coverage
  • Collision
  • Towing and Labor
“PLUS” is the MexiPass exclusive Travel Protection Section, which is a true value that is added automatically to the policy at no extra cost. It specifically fits the needs of drivers and passengers going to Mexico because it provides coverage for:
  • Accidental death
  • Funeral expense and repatriation of remains
  • Medical expense coverage
  • Emergency assistance

The policy can be purchased for the days you plan to be in Mexico or if you plan to travel at different times through out the year, you can purchase an annual term policy. Coverage can be activated by completing an application over the phone or in person and proof of insurance can be issued the same day. If your finance or leasing company requires notification of your plans to drive to Mexico, evidence of insurance can be provided at the time the policy is issued.

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