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INSURENEX Entrepreneurial Series: Supporting, Informing and Celebrating Entrepreneurs


Posted by Jose Alfaro

This week, INSURENEX interviews James Howard Manchester to celebrate the success of a member of our Los Angeles community. INSURENEX is committed to providing its members with knowledge so they can have the resources to #ProtectWhatMatters.



Q: Hello James! Tell me a little about your business, StayFit! Movers

A: I started Stay Fit! Movers in 2005. I was working as a manager at LA Fitness and thought it would be fascinating to operate a moving business called StayFit! Movers in a city where people are genuinely obsessed about their appearance. StayFit! Movers offers its employees the opportunity to help with moving equipment and furniture to make a living while staying in shape.


Q: What services does your company offer?

A: StayFit! Movers offers packing, moving, and storage services on a national level, based in Los Angeles.


Q: What is your core business specialty?

A: StayFit! Movers focuses on providing individualized services in an industry dominated by big businesses. We “Fit” your budget.


Q: What have you done as a business owner to stay afloat and excel in light of the “economic slowdown”? What challenges or obstacles have you faced and overcome?

A: In this economy, it’s best to save and keep overhead as low as possible…Merely because a business has a profitable month, that does not mean the owner immediate replaces all the equipment. Patience is a virtue in business.


Q: What opportunities do you see in the short and long term future for your company?

A: There is a true opportunity for Stay Fit! Movers to procure a greater percentage of the market in the next few months with increased advertising and word of mouth business referrals…


Q: What advice do you have for other entrepreneurs? A: I would suggest to other business owners to be diligent with your financial matters, making sure that essential bills are handled in a timely manner.


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