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INSURENEX Entrepreneurial Series : Supporting, Informing, and Celebrating Entrepreneurs


Posted by Jose Alfaro

This week, INSURENEX interviewed Greg Hasty to celebrate a successful entrepreneur in the Los Angeles community. INSURENEX selects two members of the Los Angeles community every month to highlight their accomplishments while giving INSURENEX clients the resources to #ProtectWhatMatters.



Q: Hello Greg! Tell us a little bit about your company.

A: The name of my company is Greg Hasty Video Storytelling, and I founded it in September 2012. I was inspired to start the company because back when I was working as a quantitative market researcher, I noticed there was a huge missed opportunity for video strategy and design in the industry. My idea was to provide full video services paired with my understanding of consumer insights, to change the way clients understand and see consumers.

Q: Who or what inspired you?

A: A few things- I was always very inspired by other artists in the market research industry. There are only a handful of very talented artists with research understanding and I always wanted to find a way to contribute creatively. I was also inspired by self-starters. I had spent the past few years watching a few friends of mine take risks to start their own businesses and follow their passions. It was always something I hoped I would find for myself.

Q: What products or services does your company offer?

A: My company provides film strategy to market research projects. This includes videography, video editing, graphic design, motion graphics, audio engineering, and research analytics.

Q: What markets do you serve? What cities or areas?

A: Just this year, I became international! My main market is Los Angeles, but I’ve been doing work all over the U.S. as well as the U.K., Mexico, India, and Egypt.

Q: What have you done as a business owner to stay afloat in light of what is referred to as the “economic slowdown”?

A: Well, lucky for me, I started this in 2012, as the economy was starting to improve. That being said, trying to sell additional services to company was no small task. What’s interesting about this is the market research industry in general. One might argue that in times of economic distress, companies look for more research to help. My decisions at the time were to work with both the competition amongst market research teams (by helping them stand out) and by helping companies feel like they were getting their money’s worth when they were designing a research project.

Q: What is the role of business insurance right now for you as a freelancer?

A: That’s a bit of a tough one. I’m just now getting to an area where I need business insurance. My business has grown so quickly in the past 3 years that it wasn’t something I had to consider until very recently.

Q: What advice do you have for other entrepreneurs?

A: Really, it comes down to confidence, and I think that’s brought on by good preparation. Make a plan, put it into action, and put something better into this world.



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