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INSURENEX Entrepreneurial Series: Supporting, Informing, and Celebrating Entrepreneurs


Posted by Jose Alfaro

This week, INSURENEX interviewed Allie Kleinman to celebrate the success of a member of our Los Angeles community. INSURENEX is committed to providing its members with knowledge so that they can have the resources to #ProtectWhatMatters.













Q: Hello Allie. Can you tell me a little about your company and what you do for the Los Angeles community?

A: My company, Organized by Allie, was established in late 2014. I was the sole founder. Starting my own company has been a longtime goal of mine, probably since the start of college. I’ve always been passionate about organizing so it was a natural fit, as I was already assisting clients as a hobby. The purpose of Organized by Allie is to help people simplify and beautify their lives by de-cluttering their surroundings. It’s amazing how much lighter and calmer people feel once they complete an organizing project – it’s like a weight has been lifted! Often, it’s a case of people having too much stuff and not knowing what to do with everything. My company helps people de-clutter their homes and offices and create functional living and working spaces – from chaotic to calm, I like to say.


Q: What products and services does your company offer?

A: Right now, I offer in-person and virtual organizing services. Common organizing projects include closets, garages, kitchens and offices. All organizing services includes research, recommendations, and follow-up. I also offer product shopping and pick-up for an additional charge.


Q:What would you say your core business or specialty is?

A: Organizing and productivity is my specialty. I can help anyone who is in need of organizing – it can be a one time project or more long-term. I service the Los Angeles area, in-person, and across the country via virtual consultations (for those who need some advice on how to get started, input on what should go where, but can tackle the hands-on organizing themselves).


Q: What distinguishes your company from others in your industry?

A: I really focus on working directly with my client so that they learn some strategies and tips that will work for the long-term.


Q: What have you done as a business owner to stay afloat and/or excel in light of what is referred to as an “economic slowdown”? Or what challenges and obstacles have you faced and superseded?

A: I would say budget challenges – there are some opportunities I’d love for ObA to participate in but aren’t feasible at the moment. I like to get resourceful though and explore local options like creating promotions and events.


Q: What opportunities do you see in the short and long term future for your company?

A: I see a lot of opportunity for both the short and long term future. My company offers a service that a lot of people need, one that makes their lives easier and more enjoyable. For the short term, I see an increase in client projects, both in-person and virtual. For the long term, I see options for creating a productivity/organizing course, writing a book filled with tips, and conducting seminars.


Q: What advice do you have for other entrepreneurs?

A: Have a strategic plan for how you’ll start (if you can start doing any of the paperwork or account set-up before starting, i.e. on the weekends, then you’ll be able to dive right into it once you do officially launch), have some savings, and be confident! Know that some things may not work out and that you won’t always hear what you hope to hear and that that is ok!


Q: What is something you wish you knew when you started your business?

A: I wish I had done more networking before officially starting my business. There’s a huge start-up community in LA, and no shortage of events with people from all backgrounds attending. Many people who are in the exploratory stage of starting their own business attend and I see huge value in making these connections, hearing about peoples experiences, and getting advice ahead of officially starting.


Q: What do you see in the future for yourself and for your business?

A: I see my business expanding to the national level, as well as taking it to a more technical level. I’m learning a lot about the tech industry and thinking of ways for my business to incorporate some of what I’m learning, whether it’s through the development of an app, or something else.

Thank you for your time Allie!












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