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INSURENEX August Client Spotlight


Posted by Jose Alfaro

Meet Gilberto Portillo, this month’s INSURENEX Client Spotlight and founder of Los Angeles based G.P. Painting, Inc.

Today, G.P. Painting Inc., is a family owned business specializing in painting and custom full paint designs of commercial and residential properties, and serves all of California. “We have done many projects as large as 600 units and as far as Sacramento, San Francisco, and Richmond,” said Gilberto Portillo, President and Founder of Portillo Painting Inc. based in Los Angeles.

Paying his dues for over 12 years, Portillo began as a worker at a painting company, where he did it all, from pay-roll, to administration, to supervising about 40 employees. Although he did now know it from the start, Portillo soon came to realize something, “If I can do it for them why not do it for myself.”

Dedication and hard work are just two of the ingredients that have led Portillo, each day closer and closer to the success of G.P. Painting Inc.

With a heart full of dreams, Portillo one day resigned from his job with the painting company and embarked on a new journey of entrepreneurship. Before resigning Portillo had acquired his needed license and met many people in his industry with whom he had cultivated professional relationships, setting him off to a good start.

To stand out in a competitive field, Portillo leverages his industry knowledge, “My experience and knowledge that I have about the industry, which I have learned over the years, both at my previous job and through the union, allows us as a company to provide competitive prices, solutions, and answers to all clients,” said Portillo.

Staying afloat during the recent economic slowdown for Gilberto’s business meant making smart choices. While understanding the need to maintain high standards and the value of the work produced by his company, Portillo opted for reducing costs in other places, such as administrative, personnel, and overall company cost.

“I also refrained from getting into unnecessary debts, because the interest is always harmful in the long run. It’s about not spending more than what the revenue is,” said Portillo.

When asked what advise Portillo has for those who seek to start their own business of any specialty, he advices to take the time to become knowledgeable and aware of the rules and regulations that surround the industry. “In this country we can do it, it is the country of possibilities. You can do it here, but you have to educate yourself with the rules of this country because they are already in place and you have to follow them to see your company triumph,” said Portillo.

A dream that began 19 years ago in 1995 and took life in January 1, 1996 continues, “My vision is to grow and take the company to new horizons. We have the talent and capacity. We are hardworking and give motivation to our workers, that is what will help us grow,” said Portillo.

With numerous company awards from the state, districts, the Mayor’s office, and involvement with non-profits, G.P. Painting Inc. is the story of a dream becoming a reality everyday for Portillo.

When asked how INSURENEX has helped, Portillo responded, “I believe as Latinos we are a large part of the economy in the U.S., and when I met Carlos at a fundraiser we began talking. He told me how INSURENEX worked and I like it. I liked how he explained things to me, how he broke it down, and gave me a sense of clarity about the policies and I felt trust.”

“We’re excited to highlight Gilberto’s success story and look forward to the continued growth of his company G.P. Painting Inc.,” said Carlos E. Alfaro, President of INSURENEX.

We here at INSURENEX, hope stories like Gilberto Portillo inspire any dreams you might have, whether they are starting a business, traveling, or buying your first home. However you have been inspired, we are here to assist you in protecting what matters to you and your loved ones.

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