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Posted by Jose Alfaro

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Spread The Word! Those Who Experience Qualifying Life Events May Be Eligible For Special Enrollment Through Covered California.

We understand the many questions may arise before completing a Covered California application, things like making sense of the deductible, co-pay, co-insurance, maximum out of pocket? Or what’s the difference between the bronze, silver, gold, or platinum plan? I’m I eligible for premium assistance, if so, how much?  We’re committed to simplifying the application process and ensuring you JOIN IN and GET COVERED.  Oh, and we should also mention, health plan rates are the same whether you partner with us or you spend time figuring it out on your own; we’re happy to be resourceful, tell a friend!!!

Special Enrollment –Getting Covered Outside of the Open-Enrollment Period

Open enrollment for 2015 coverage ended Feb. 15. Once open enrollment has ended, consumers can enroll in a Covered California health insurance plan only if they have experienced a qualifying life event. Consumers can enroll in Medi-Cal at any time. Below is a list of common types of qualifying life events for special enrollment that apply year-round.

  • Losing health coverage. For example, consumers are no longer eligible for Medi-Cal, or they lose health coverage through their job.
  • Income changes so much that a consumer becomes newly eligible or ineligible for help paying for their insurance. For example, if a consumer is already getting help paying for their insurance premium, and their income goes down, they may be able to get extra help.
  • Turning 26 years old and are no longer eligible to stay on your parents’ plan.
  • Change in place of residency, which allows a consumer to gain access to new Covered California health insurance plans. This includes moving to California from another state. This also applies to individuals who are released from jail or prison.
  • Having a child or adopting a child, receiving a child into foster care, or placing a child in adoption or in a foster home.
  • Getting married or entering into a domestic partnership.
  • Becoming citizens, national or lawfully present individuals. This event applies only to people who were not previously citizens, nationals or lawfully present.
  • Being a member of a federally recognized American Indian or Alaska Native tribe. A consumer in this category may enroll in health insurance or change health insurance plan once a month even if the open enrollment period is over.
  • Covered California can also determine, on a case-by-case basis, that the consumer experienced an exceptional circumstance, which could allow for a special enrollment period.

Here’s what you’ll need:

For every family member who will be covered by the health plan (including you), you should have:

1) Income Information* –2014 tax returns, recent pay stubs and/or W2 forms

2) Identification –California Driver’s License, California ID Card, U.S. Passport or other form of ID card.

3) Proof of citizenship or lawful presence –U.S. passport, legal residentcard or naturalization


Also, for all family members who apply, you should know:

1) Social Security Numbers**

2) Birth dates

Make it easier!

Give us a call at 818-781-8112 or email us at and we’ll be happy to assist you in determining if you are eligible to apply for health coverage under Special Enrollment.


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