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Fall Home Maintenance Tips

While spring is a common time for many homeowners to spend some extra attention on upkeep and maintenance, autumn is just as critical a season for preparing your home to withstand the potentially harsh winter weather and temperature conditions that may await you. By making maintenance part of your annual fall routine you can identify […]

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7 tips for keeping your pets safe on Halloween

Halloween is a great time for kids of all ages to dress up as the character they would most like to be and ring doorbells for treats. But the holiday isn’t always fun for pets. They may become overly excited by the continually ringing doorbell, and anxious because the visitors aren’t coming inside. Friendly dogs […]

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Road Tripping With Rover

“Dogs love to go for rides. A dog will happily get into any vehicle going anywhere.” —Dave Barry When you’re taking a vacation with the family, it’s only natural to want to include the whole family. That means the four-footed furry ones, too. And, as Dave Barry notes, if they’re dogs they’ll likely be excited […]