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The Implications of Texting and Driving When It Comes to Insurance

Most of us know that texting and drive can result in some lethal consequences, but many choose to engage in it anyway. This is because we may think we may hold the misconception that we are better drivers than others or that nothing could happen to us. But the numbers just show that this kind […]

Things to Know About Packer’s Insurance

There are basically two types of insurance you can get when it comes to packing up and moving your goods. Insurance coverage is definitely crucial when transporting things because despite having great packing and safe transportation, factors that you can’t control, such as accidents, fire, sabotage, riots etc. can result in damages to the goods. […]

How to Know When It’s Time to Stop Driving

It can be a sensitive subject to bring up the fact that your elderly parents, family, or friends, may not be suitable for getting behind the wheel anymore. It’s never a good feeling to experience losing an integral part of your independence. However, there’s a reason why insurance rates can be higher the older you […]