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Safety Behind the Wheel: Tips for Your Summer Drives

Summer Means Fun and Sun—and New Driving Challenges Summer’s almost here. The sun will come out of hiding, and the people will, too. As crowds swell at the beach, in parks and even on roadways, it all makes for some challenging driving conditions. More people are out and about, whether on foot, bike or skateboard, […]

What Should I Do if My Boat is Damaged?

  Getting out on the water in your boat can be a uniquely enjoyable experience, whether you are planning on a day of fishing or just a few hours of recreational sailing. All of that enjoyment can quickly evaporate if you find your boat is unexpectedly taking on water, and your hopes for a relaxing […]

Should Insurance Play a Role in Your Wedding Plans?

  You’ve fallen in love and plan to say, “I do.” Now your every waking moment is filled with visions of the dress, the rings, the flowers, the honeymoon and more. But, have you thought about insurance? No, it’s not romantic, but it is a practical way to gain some peace of mind. After all, […]

Spring Driving Tips

  Winter may be most known for its treacherous driving conditions, but spring also can be a difficult season for driving. From wind and rain to wildlife emerging from hibernation, spring driving can be challenging in its own right. It is possible to enjoy the ride, however. By being aware of possible obstacles, increased traffic […]

Self-Driving Cars: When Will Your Vehicle Start Driving You to Work?

Semi-Autonomous Vehicles Are Only a Few Years Away How soon—really—are regular Americans going to be able to ride around in self-driving cars? You know, where you get in the driver’s seat, key in a destination on your car’s computer, and then sit back with a cup of coffee in one hand and a tablet in […]

The Use of Smart Home Technology in Fire Prevention and Detection

  A handful of complementary smart devices could help prevent and/or detect a fire in your home, while minimizing even more serious damage by notifying you earlier. While traditional smoke detectors are designed to alert people inside the home of a fire so everyone can evacuate safely, some of the following smart devices can also […]

Tips to Check Tire Tread

Tire problems are thought to be a factor in one out of 11 vehicle crashes.1 Blowouts, tread separation, under inflation, and worn treads—the grooves in your tires that offer stability and traction—are some of the tire problems associated with these crashes. Like a pair of sneakers that get more slippery with use, your tires lose their […]